What is a Speech Therapist?

Is it the professional who cares for the feet? No.

Is it the professional who corrects the ‘r’? Yes.

Is that all? Of course not…

Speech therapists do much more than that. They are health professionals who deal with all aspects of communication, that is preventing, evaluating and treating pathologies associated with voice, language, speech and swallowing.

These professionals care for patients of all ages who may suffer several pathologies: people who are often voiceless or dysphonic, children with reading, writing, or with oral language difficulties. As well, they treat adults with neurological problems as a result of a stroke or diseases such as Alzheimer, patients who can not eat without a probe… These are only a few examples of a long list of diseases that speech therapists treat, thereby improving the quality of life of their patients.

Where can you find speech therapists?

Speech therapists work in hospitals, schools and clinics, both in public and in private sector facilities. They also work in multidisciplinary teams with psychologists, doctors, occupational therapists, dentists, audiologists, teachers and many other professionals vital in the rehabilitation of all patients.

What is the key to my personal success in this profession?

It is quite clear: the passion that I feel for my work combined with my energy, patience, knowledge and experience. This enables me to achieve my goal: to help people.

If you still have any doubts about what a speech therapist does, then please take a look at this video.


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